Fit Lotus offers a variety of techniques to heal the body in a holistic approach of the mind, body and spirit. Her understanding of these powerful tools became clear when she overcame her battle to allergies by the consistence practice of pranayama, yoga, exercise, sleep and proper nutrition. Her theory became even more so evident, as she offered yoga and exercise to her clients suffering from different ailments and noticed huge improvements in their quality of life. It is why, she has adapted these special tools and techniques to continue promoting health and wellness to the community.


beginner yogaBeginners Yoga: A fun and enjoyable practice is only built on a strong foundation. Learn the right techniques of aligning the body properly to attain the most benefits of any yoga style.

restorativeRestorative Yoga: Our modern time calls for such busy and stressful lives, causing fatigue and exhaustion of the mind and body. Learn the powerful benefits of slowing down and practicing restorative poses. This practice calms the nervous system and enhances proper function of our digestive, circulatory, reproductive, endocrine, immunity, lymphatic and respiratory systems to name a few. Each session is specifically designed to meet the clients health concerns.

Chair-Yoga1Chair Yoga: Too often we disregard that lower back ache and neck tension as we work in front of our computers for many hours. Adapt beneficial poses to practice at the office to remove any stress built at the hips, lower back and neck region.

runnerYoga for Runners: As a cross country athlete, it is important to know which muscles become overused when running that extra mile and how to address it properly. Prevent knee and back injuries by stretching and toning the right muscles.

cyclistYoga for Cyclists: Focusing on opening the muscles that become most tight and stressed during long rides and/or spinning classes. Improve or manage your level of flexibility to enhance performance and prevent injuries.

lungsPranayama Exercises for Vitality:
It is through the breath that our health become dependent on vital force. Heal the body and strengthen your immune system by practicing breath techniques right for you.


Chakra Balancing: Go deep into the seven layers of manifestation as we learn about each chakra, or the energy centers along the spine which create a profound formula for wholeness and transformation. Balancing these energies we begin to develop and cultivate optimum health, boundless joy and absolute bliss.

meditationMeditation: Did anyone mention absolute bliss? Discover the pleasure of being completely in tuned with your inner bliss as you conserve your body’s energy and develop an intuitive sense of knowledge.

origin-ayurveda_1Ayurveda Nutrition: In our world today the definition of health is freedom from disease and injury. However, for over 5,000 years the above definition has existed in Ayurveda, the ancient medical science of India. Learn to choose the right foods, herbs, essential oils and fasting techniques best suited for your constitution.

weight lossWeight Loss Exercise Program: Are you looking to lose weight and tone up your body? Yoga can do that for you too! But if you rather challenge your body in a different way, we will work on tailoring an exercise program that works best for you.

What are you waiting for? Fill out our contact form and we will discuss your health goals and develop a program that will work for you!


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