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Solar eclipse and a connection with God?

As I drove in to work I noticed a group of nurses and doctors gathered outside staring at the Solar eclipse. One of the girls I work with grabbed me and offered me a pair of glasses so I could look up. With my eyes, I was able to see half the moon covering the sun and was stuck on how beautiful that was. To me, it felt as though we were celebrating in unison with the divine force which moves us all. Doctors, nurses, caregivers, nutritionist’s and myself were on site together experiencing the miraculous shift of the planets and the solar system.  Everyone around me kept saying they felt something. So, I asked what it was that they felt and someone (what appeared to be a doctor or a surgeon) said he felt a connection with God. I chuckled softly to make it seem unremarkable,  but the gentleman turned around immediately to clarify he was not joking and elaborated that the last time he had experienced this was when he was at the Grand Canyon. Then I thought, sure this could certainly be a good metaphor of God communicating with us. After my Yoga class with patients, many of them held conversations with each other expressing how excited they were to continue their breathing and meditation efforts on their own. Especially, a young boy of 19 diagnosed with Leukemia. Continue reading

Yoga meets Anxiety at the Airport

A Life Lesson

My recent trip to Miami was quite an interesting experience. My boyfriend suggested I make the trip to visit my family and friends, since he would be in California for a reunion with his cousins. I felt bad because I had just recently started teaching yoga at a local gym in NJ and I did not want to start missing work. However, it meant a lot for me to be able to spend the holidays with my mother and family. After all, what better way to start the new year than in the company of family and friends. Continue reading

Will not allow anyone to affect me

So I walked into Starbucks this morning to get an unusual cup of coffee. In front of me are two beautiful lovely ladies one being attended by the register and the other waiting in line. The girls behind the register are bright and sunny  with a warm smile on their face.  I said to myself “wow” what a nice feeling to walk into a happy little place.”  Two minutes later, while I’m finishing my order an older lady storms in through the doors, began to huff and puff onto my left shoulder and seemed well agitated. As the lovely ladies behind the counter begin to fix her order, she begins to cut in front of me as if she’s in a rush to pay and begins to sigh rudely and profusely. Continue reading

Why I chose the Path of Yoga


I will  begin by sharing that without my auntie who was taken away by Cancer nine years ago, I would have never been in a quest for so many questions.  Why couldn’t any doctor cure or properly treat my aunt’s illness?  I accompanied my aunt to the hospital when she was still a bit strong and I could see the pain in her eyes as she squinched each time the doctor poisoned her with chemotherapy.  As young as I was then, I could see how these treatments kept swallowing her dry and taking her soul.  Yet, what continued to saddened me was to see my family trusting in her doctor to save her life.  Instead, he sentenced her to a hospice care where she would be surrounded by family as we observed her final breaths.  Throughout the years, I have come to learn that drugs and medications do not heal the sick because if they did, pharmaceutical companies would not profit nor continue to have control over the diseased.   They push doctors to prescribe all sorts of drugs to their patients therefore, maintaining them dependent on drugs and worsening their health.

Continue reading

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