Fundraising for a Good Cause

In the short time I have worked with the YMCA, my heart has been fueled with love, empathy & kindness. I never thought working with young children would change me for good. I started as an Assistant Director for an after school program in Miami, FL. My job was to support the School Director and help to fill in ratio for a group of first graders. Within a couple of weeks working with them, I learned through the School Principal that this group had a bad reputation in the entire school. I then I realized my real purpose was to stand for these children and prove everyone wrong. I incorporated fun Yoga exercises, breathing and relaxation and forty five minutes of physical exercise. What I learned was that not only did my group become more grounded and conscious, but they also became receptive to following instructions and improved a lot in their academics. I also realized children learn better in fun and interactive environments.

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Sunday Fun Day

I must admit after a stressful week of uncertainty and hard work, I had to get out and really enjoy the weekend! This weekend has helped me to slow down and count my blessings. The feeling I get when I’m on the beach is unexplainable. The sense of fulfillment in my heart I feel each time I do something I enjoy is beyond this earth. Each time I play in the fields and waters of the universe, I fall in love over and over again! I am ready to close this week and make this next week even better!! Happy February everyone!

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Angela Flies an Airplane


This was by far one of the coolest gifts I have ever received from one of my clients. She knew I was very outgoing and spontaneous, so she decided to give me a ticket to fly a plane.  She is a magnificent pilot for a private airline and she asked me to try it and if liked it, she would get me hooked with a great flying school. Now for me, I would never imagine myself flying airplanes as a career.  Honestly, I would much rather have my feet on the ground and live my life happily ever after.  I was so grateful for this one-time opportunity because it opened up my mind to new adventures and a thrilling experience. Flying an airplane was not as difficult as I imagined, the controller’s voice over the headset made me feel like I had been doing this for years.  We had to wait for take-off until we received a clearance from the control towers. Sure, I had a co-pilot with me making sure every thing was a-OK.  Yet, high up in ether I would get immense butterflies from the fear of not shifting the steering wheel correctly and accurately.  And so, I asked my co-pilot to handle the wheel for me – while I enjoyed the view and snapped lovable memories of my beautiful hometown. I may have not gripped on much to the idea of flying, but the connection between my heart, the sky, the earth and the ocean was the most astounding and meditative journey ever. It was breathtaking and reminded me of just how beautiful life is.  All my troubles, debts and stress was left behind and I was a complete different earth-born human being.

If you would be interested in flying a plane for fun or taking it to another level, I strongly recommend ADF Airways located in Kendall – Tamiami Airport. Information on programs and prices can be found at  Below, I share with you my lovable memories of my wondrous journey 😉

That loud “UUUUuuuh” was for real! I got scared because my co-pilot shut off the engine while still in the air before landing.  He said we were suppose to do that in order for the plane to slow down and land safely.

Sky Diving, Sussex NJ


Sky Diving???

I will be honest! When my honey asked me if I’d ever go sky diving, I played it all cool as if I was not scared of anything. Behind my gut I would tell myself, “You must be out your sweet mind if you’re thinking about sky diving”

The truth is we are all SCARED of something and almost every decision in life we make can be  SCARY.  However, I was not about to back up from an amazing opportunity and decided to move forward with my sky diving journey!!

We arrived at Sussex, NJ Skydiving Airport and registered for the last scheduled dive as we signed some waiver’s and death sentence papers.  At that moment, a FEAR voice came on to me and said “You are signing your death rights right now, are you out of your mind???” – Then my spontaneous voice said to me “Come on!! You can do this! You can beat that ugly voice named FEAR, if you die today, you can be certain you died without fear!!” – …  and so I signed all those paperwork and I was finally relieved!

As we waited for our turn, we sat outside the trailer watching the coaches packing their parachutists for their next dive. I paid very close attention to every single detail when it came to re-sealing their back pack. In my mind, all I kept saying was “God please?? Keep me safe, I trust these guys do not want to lose their lives, I trust they know what they’re doing and I leave my soul to you”

Later on, we looked straight up and spotted one of our planes and diver’s jumping out holding hands and making a big circle in the air, at that moment I thought to myself again “Oh Oh’!! that’s going to be us in a few hours!!” Little fear set in again, but I was able to flick if off because it looked like so much fun.

Finally, our turn had arrived! My mind was racing at the speed of light and my heart pounding really hard.  My boyfriends mother who also joined us seemed calm and fearless, very happy and ready to go. My boyfriend was pretty quiet and going with the flow, their actions helped me stay calm and made me realize I was not alone. We went through a tutorial to practice our stance before the jump. I paid absolutely no attention to the instructions given because I was more concerned about my life!

Our plane took off and I was the last person to board.  Guess what that meant? Yes, you got that right. Last one in is the first one out.  As we gained higher altitude, my heart raised faster and and I could feel my hands begin to sweat, I could also gaze over the horizon and see how beautiful our planet really is. I felt a bit nauseous yet a bit excited.  Before my eyes, my instructor began to strap himself up against me and asked me to proceed to the door, but I resisted and tried running to the back of the plane.  My boyfriend and his mother were laughing hysterically and I was terrified to bits and pieces!  At this point I figured there was no way out other than jumping out the window! I had no choice, my instructor Potato had me attached to him and with his strength he back flipped us out of the plane.

I can’t describe the way I felt at that split second. There was a sudden silence where I faced Heaven and Earth.   I heard this inner voice inside me which said “You did it! You overcame your fear” and like a matrix, I was back to the world in front of me.  I found my self grabbing on to my instructor’s arms as if I saw death right in front of my eyes, but he unfolded my arms off his and asked me to fly with my wings wide open and enjoy the feeling of flying. I took his advice and it became such an amazing experience, I was not scared to soar. I felt liberated and blessed with the sun shining on me…

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