Solar eclipse and a connection with God?

As I drove in to work I noticed a group of nurses and doctors gathered outside staring at the Solar eclipse. One of the girls I work with grabbed me and offered me a pair of glasses so I could look up. With my eyes, I was able to see half the moon covering the sun and was stuck on how beautiful that was. To me, it felt as though we were celebrating in unison with the divine force which moves us all. Doctors, nurses, caregivers, nutritionist’s and myself were on site together experiencing the miraculous shift of the planets and the solar system.  Everyone around me kept saying they felt something. So, I asked what it was that they felt and someone (what appeared to be a doctor or a surgeon) said he felt a connection with God. I chuckled softly to make it seem unremarkable,  but the gentleman turned around immediately to clarify he was not joking and elaborated that the last time he had experienced this was when he was at the Grand Canyon. Then I thought, sure this could certainly be a good metaphor of God communicating with us. After my Yoga class with patients, many of them held conversations with each other expressing how excited they were to continue their breathing and meditation efforts on their own. Especially, a young boy of 19 diagnosed with Leukemia. Continue reading

(Open Level) Yoga Classes

Enrolling now: Classes start Thursday, August  17th -6:00 p.m.

Park Place by the Bay

915 NW 1st Avenue

Meet in Lobby

$18 Drop-in rate or 4 classes for $60 to help you save.

Please fill out the form below to register for the class, and in the comment box, please list the dates you are able to attend along with any questions/comments you may have. Once registered, an invoice will be e-mailed to complete and confirm your registration process. Spaces are limited so, registering early will ensure that you have a space reserved. 

Due to construction, many roads around the area have been closed. For this reason, please plan on leaving early with enough time to get around. The best way to get there is by getting off from 836 on to Biscayne Boulevard, south. Head west on NW 11th Street to NW 1st Avenue. Then, head south on NW 1st Avenue to 9th Street.

*Please be early. If you are not in Lobby by 5:55 p.m. you will have to give up your space and lose the session.


Beginner Yoga Workshop

Enrolling now: Learn the Basics (4-Weeks) Workshop

Fit Lotus now offers small and private yoga classes from her home base studio in Downtown, Miami. In this four week program, you will learn to master the basic poses in many traditional yoga classes. Learning at your own pace will ensure that you feel strong and confident in your own practice.

Class sessions will run:
Sundays: 7/23, 7/30, 8/6, 8/13
10:30 am – 12:00pm

Promo price: $65 for all four weeks. Drop in price: $18. Please e-mail fitlotus@gmail to arrange and complete your registration.

10 Minute Home Workout

Today, I decided to share with you a simple yet powerful workout. Since I can not lunge, squat or be much on my foot, I decided to do a few hip extensions, hip adductions and glute kick-backs. I added core and upper body strength as a bonus since I must have the upper body strength to keep swinging in crutches. I feel good about my recovery and patiently looking forward to walking again soon. Thank you all for your care and support. Now, please join me for a 10-minute workout at home.

Feel free to modify and/or maximize this workout to your fitness level. Exercises are listed below:

Continue reading

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