Angie goes sky-diving!!!

Sky Diving???

I will be honest! When my boyfriend asked me if I’d ever go sky diving, I played it all cool as if I wasn’t scared of anything. Behind my words I was telling myself, “You must be out your damn mind if you’re thinking about sky diving”

The truth is we are all SCARED of something and almost every life decision we make is seriously scary.

But I played it off as if I wasn’t scared and went on the journey of sky diving!!

We arrived at Sussex, NJ Skydiving Airport and register for a later time that day, as we signed some waiver’s and death legal papers. That FEAR thought creeps up again saying “You are signing your death rights right now, are you out of your mind???” – Then my spontaneous side creeps up behind my fear and tells me “Come on!! You’re no punk! You can do this! You can beat that sucker named FEAR, if you die at least you can be certain you died without fear!!” – …and so I signed all those forms and waivers!! I was so relieved!

As we waited for our turn maybe two hours, we were sitting outside the trailer watching everyone get their parachutists ready and packed up again for their next free fall and dive. I payed very close attention to every single detail when it came to re-sealing their back pack. In my mind all I kept saying was “God please?? Keep me safe, I trust these guys do not want to lose their lives, I trust they know what they are doing and I leave my soul to you”

Later we looked straight up and find one of our planes and couple of diver’s jumping out and going crazy in the air, at that moment I thought to myself again “Oh Oh’!! that’s going to be us in a few hours!!” Minimal fear set in at that point, but I was able to beat if off again!

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Next up was our turn to go, finally! My mind was racing at the speed of light and my heart beating hard off my chest.  My boyfriends mother who also joined us seemed calm and fearless, very happy and ready to go. My boyfriend was pretty quiet and going with the flow, their actions helped me calm down a little bit and made me realize I was not alone. We went through the tutorial and practice to be sent to the airplane right away. I payed absolute no attention to the instructions because I was more concerned about my life!

Off we go and as we were higher and higher in the sky, my heart raised faster and faster. I felt a bit nauseous and nervous, my instructor was ready to jump out. YES!! I was the first one out the plane, I knew he wanted me to get in ready position at the door but I resisted and tried running to the back of the plane, Ricky and his mother were laughing and I was terrified to bits and pieces! I knew at this point there was no way out, only diving off the plane. My Instructor Potato had me attached to him and with his strength he pulled and draged me out the plane and OFF we were. Potato had to make a back flip in order to get me off that plane!!!

Wow!! I can’t describe the way I felt at that split second, it was like a sudden silence where I faced life, but it was a heavenly feel and I told my self at that moment “You did it! You overcame your fear”. I kept grabbing on to my instructor’s arms as if I saw death right in front of my eyes, (yes, I was still scared) but he took my wrapped up arms off of his and asked me to fly with my wings spread wide and enjoy the feeling of flying. I took his advice and boy it such an amazing experience!! After the free fall came the calm side of it just going down with the wind and it feeling truly calming and beautiful.

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