Super Spartan Race in Miami


Here I will share my experience at one of the Super Spartan Races… I say one of them because I loved it so much there will be many more to come!!

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I love sharing my Super Spartan Race experience of 8.4 miles with the world!!

-Because so many people thought it would be nearly impossible to challenge themselves. FEAR is what holds us back in living life to the fullest!!  Throughout life you will always find people who look or consider you crazy because you are spontaneous, wild and free and to their eyes, they’ve never seen or done anything like you.  Not until they see that your crazy and spontaneous being has lead you to success is when they figure “Wow! that was amazing”.  Now at this point you’ve proved an idea is possible and successful when you believe and actually make it happen, you will feel so great of yourself and without noticing you’ve made an impact in someone else lives…

I welcome you to take the challenge with me!!! I love being out there and find the opportunities to meet new faces and souls!!! …  So stay tuned to the next Super Spartan Race.


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