Chickpea Salad, Drumstick and Vegetables

Chickpea Salad, Drumstick and Vegetables

If you and your spouse follow different diets as where one is pescetarian/vegeterian and the other likes to eat some meats like chicken and meat, here is an example how you can switch it up by also baking chicken on a different rack of the oven. Align them separately and away from each other.

Cook Chicken under same temperature of 420 but longer, when Salmon is ready after 28 minutes- bring the chicken out and turn them so the bottom also has a chance to cook. Finish cooking Chicken for an extra 15 minutes.

Follow same Veggies and Chickpea instructions for the Fish dish:…

The Veggies will go aside in a different pan or on a counter-top conventional oven while fish cooks on the bigger oven. Cook only for 18 minutes. Dash a bit of Olive oil, garlic powder, ground pepper, and sea salt.

I found a small container of Chickpea in the groceries store all prepared with cilantro, black beans, and tomatoes.  I rinsed and washed it in a mesh strainer preferably, to wash away the acid juice that preserves the ingredients, then I sliced up some bigger chunks of tomato’s and sliced up red onions.  You can find canned chickpeas and follow the same procedure and ingredients. Or… You can cook your own chickpeas, just follow instructions on the bag.

Cut Avocados into 2 halves and use one half to share among 2 persons.

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