Fish, Chickpea Sald and veggies

Chick Pea Salad, Wild Salmon and Vegetables

Bake Salmon at 420 degrees for 28 minutes on a non-stick pan. Season with your favorite seasoning. I season mine with Spicy Montreal steak, light on the garlic powder and half a lime to awake it’s flavor, rub the left over lime along the fish.

The Veggies will go aside in a different pan or on a counter-top conventional oven while fish cooks on the bigger oven. Cook only for 18 minutes. Dash a bit of Olive oil, garlic powder, ground pepper, and sea salt.

I found a small container of Chickpea in the groceries store all prepared with cilantro, black beans, and tomatoes.  I rinsed and washed it in a mesh strainer preferably, to wash away the acid juice that preserves the ingredients, then I sliced up some bigger chunks of tomato’s and sliced up red onions.  You can find canned chickpeas and follow the same procedure and ingredients. Or… You can cook your own chickpeas, just follow instructions on the bag.

Cut Avocados into 2 halves and use one half to share among 2 persons.

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