27 and the Beauty of Life

27 and the Beauty of Life

27 years of existence

27 years of blessings.

God knows where my life is headed,

God knows!

He has sent angels to take great care of me

and these angels have never left my side

I can hear them thru the sound of the ocean’s waves.

They’ve been here to lift my spirit

They’ve been here to wipe away my tears

They’re here to guide me thru the years.

I am thankful for everything in my life

most importantly, for all the gift’s I’ve been given,

for all the people that have come in to my life

and for all the lives I’ve touched.

For every chance we take

There is a given opportunity,

the opportunity to be the best we can be

and the chance to be where we want to be.

I can feel the wind caressing my skin

the sun shining over me

and the moon nourishing my soul

It is then, when I’m certain god is watching over me

Not to worry about me

I’ve been blessed and continue to be.

Where the wind blows and the sun shines

God will illuminate my life.

Spring will bring new beginnings.

Summer will bring warmth,

 and the rain will pour down blessings.

Thunderstorms may bring sorrow

but the sun will be shining tomorrow.

Fall will bring steadiness and reflection,


Winter will bring peace and serenity.

He has sent me a special angel.

An angel to love and care for,

an angel who loves me unconditionally,

and an angel I can touch and feel.

It is thru love why I can feel this passion burning,

thru Compassion why my heart smiles

and thru patience why I can say

…at 27 I can see the beauty of life.

Dedicated to every special person in my life, who’s ways & personalities have helped shape my life.

Nancy Gorman, who I strongly believe in, may this poem uplift you.

To Ricky Gutierrez my angel, my friend, my E V E R Y   t h i n g! Who will always stand by my side and continue to love me unconditionally.

And last, but never the least, my mother for giving me the opportunity to live this beautiful life, a woman who never gives up.

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