Red Kidney Beans

Angie’s Red Kidney Beans!

     Why I love Red Kidney Beans?  It is a perfect side dish to any meal, it is rich in nutrients such as Calcium, Iron, Fiber and for those who are concerned about where they can get foods rich in protein, red beans are excellent source of protein especially when you are trying to minimize the amount of meats you consume.  In this segment, I have prepared a large pressure pot of Red Kidney Beans which I illustrate bigger amounts of portions.  Cook time in a pressure pot varies between 20-30 minutes, these beans took me 25 minutes to cook under Medium High Heat. I like to make a large portion so that my boyfriend and I have enough for the whole week and enough to share with the family.  I tried slicing (1) large carrot and it was a bit too much for that large pot.

     I recommend you use just 1 regular carrot for your soup, 1 celery stick, half a white onion (sliced), 4 cloves of garlic, 1 full jalapeno pepper (sliced), 1 green onion, ground black pepper (5 twist’s), Sea Salt (5) dashes, and optional 1 grated ginger root for added spice & to help aid in digestion because beans tend to be high in gas.

      Begin by rinsing and soaking 2 cup of beans in 5 cups of water.  Then, as you go cutting up your onions, garlic, celery, etc… toss veggies into pot so that your cutting board is cleared of any clutter.

word press pic 1

Continue to toss your ingredients into pot every time you’ve slice them up.

word press pic 2


Red Kidney Nutrition value with Note to self


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