Watermelon as a Thirst quencher after Spin

AFL Wmelon

Folks, I found a new thirst quencher to have after a hard core Spin Class especially when taught by the BEST instructor in town!! Me, of course! Watermelon is filled with rich nutrients that will replenish all lost electrolytes during a vigorous workout!  It is refreshing and fulfills the belly at the same time.  Have it with a handful of cashew nuts or almonds to add some protein and help recover those muscles.  Now you may be asking yourself “Is this all you eat after a tough workout?” Of course this is not all I eat after my workout, this is just a starter to help me from being hungry after class or at least until I prepare the real meal once I’m home.  Remember, your metabolism speeds up after you workout causing you to burn more calories than normal so don’t be afraid to eat twice, first a simple snack and later a real meal.  You can browse through some of my meals to help you get an idea of what are good healthy options.

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