Will not allow anyone to affect me

So I walked into Starbucks this morning to get an unusual cup of coffee. In front of me are two beautiful lovely ladies one being attended by the register and the other waiting in line. The girls behind the register are bright and sunny  with a warm smile on their face.  I said to myself “wow” what a nice feeling to walk into a happy little place.”  Two minutes later, while I’m finishing my order an older lady storms in through the doors, began to huff and puff onto my left shoulder and seemed well agitated. As the lovely ladies behind the counter begin to fix her order, she begins to cut in front of me as if she’s in a rush to pay and begins to sigh rudely and profusely. I think to my self “this lady needs a chill pill”. Then as we move on to the second counter to pick up our order, she again cuts in front of me as if doing so would get her order any sooner. I backed away because I knew she was not in the right set of mind. Then, she yells out “Come on, I’m running late here” to the girl fixing her coffee. I wanted to say something but instead I turned my attention inward and prayed for her, so that god may give her light and wisdom to know the difference and change her attitude. Because of her actions in being late, she brought a negative vibe into a calm and peaceful environment. Luckily, no body seemed affected by her. It is why we shouldn’t let anyone disturb our peace in a case like this. We must keep our cool and pass on our love and patience to people like her. Without this incident I wouldn’t have been able to count my blessings of having an open heart to share my love with everyone else.

This situation lead me to use this as a lesson in my Yoga class and I was happy to share with my students the importance of opening our hearts and being kind to one another. Because without love and patience we will never find peace and joy in our lives.

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