Angela Flies an Airplane


This was by far one of the coolest gifts I have ever received from one of my clients. She knew I was very outgoing and spontaneous, so she decided to give me a ticket to fly a plane.  She is a magnificent pilot for a private airline and she asked me to try it and if liked it, she would get me hooked with a great flying school. Now for me, I would never imagine myself flying airplanes as a career.  Honestly, I would much rather have my feet on the ground and live my life happily ever after.  I was so grateful for this one-time opportunity because it opened up my mind to new adventures and a thrilling experience. Flying an airplane was not as difficult as I imagined, the controller’s voice over the headset made me feel like I had been doing this for years.  We had to wait for take-off until we received a clearance from the control towers. Sure, I had a co-pilot with me making sure every thing was a-OK.  Yet, high up in ether I would get immense butterflies from the fear of not shifting the steering wheel correctly and accurately.  And so, I asked my co-pilot to handle the wheel for me – while I enjoyed the view and snapped lovable memories of my beautiful hometown. I may have not gripped on much to the idea of flying, but the connection between my heart, the sky, the earth and the ocean was the most astounding and meditative journey ever. It was breathtaking and reminded me of just how beautiful life is.  All my troubles, debts and stress was left behind and I was a complete different earth-born human being.

If you would be interested in flying a plane for fun or taking it to another level, I strongly recommend ADF Airways located in Kendall – Tamiami Airport. Information on programs and prices can be found at  Below, I share with you my lovable memories of my wondrous journey 😉

That loud “UUUUuuuh” was for real! I got scared because my co-pilot shut off the engine while still in the air before landing.  He said we were suppose to do that in order for the plane to slow down and land safely.

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