Sun Salutation “Surya Namaskar” Principles

Here, I share with you a small segment of my Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation). Great for beginners and every level participants who wish to enhance or maintain their practice. Begin with minimum six cycles to help you build strength and flexibility for a more stronger and limber body. Please note, every movement requires a specific breath so make sure you are consciously breathing.  Once you feel comfortable and stronger with six cycles, build up to maximum twelve cycles every morning.

From a classical standpoint, the Sun Salutations are a meditative and dedicative practice. Through gentle repetition of the sequences, the mind eases it’s way into a more centered place, leaving behind any agitations and preparing to approach the day to come in a more balanced fashion. The Sun Salutations also have a beneficial biomechanical and physiological effect on the body. The Surya Namaskars move all of the major joints of the body through many of their ranges of motion, while using the muscles in a dynamic, rhythmic fashion.  This helps lubricate and prepare the joints, increases blood flow to the muscles, warm the muscles and fascia, increase the heart and respiratory rate to deliver more oxygen to the muscles and stimulates the nervous and endocrine systems to prepare the body for the potentially higher physical demands of the practice to come.  This is why, even if you are not taking a yoga class you may practice every morning before starting your day. It prepares the body for the physical challenges and helps you stay strong through stressful situations. I hope you enjoy and begin to practice every day 🙂

In light, love and peace.


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