Hamstring-Glutes and Core Workout

I must confess, I had been practicing a little bit of yoga, cardio and not enough strength training. For me, not enough physical exercise got me feeling some muscle, bone and joint ache. Not to say yoga does not strengthen the body or that some cardio is not good enough, but with all the stress I had been placing on to myself following my move back home, lack of strength training was not helping me in staying strong. I had lost a lot of my motivation in my personal practice and came close to giving up. Through contemplation, meditation and prayers my mind, my spirit and my heart would not allow me to fail. I may have felt weak, fragile, betrayed and may have cried but, deep down in my heart I knew I would pick myself back up because I am stronger than that. I have acknowledged and accepted my weaknesses in order to face my fears and remove all obstacles in my life. Also, I had not been  active with my blog because I have been blessed catching up with new business and lots of work. I finally feel relaxed enough to sit down and journal down all of my exercises and meal intakes.  The good news is, I would push myself two days in the week to practice some yoga and some cardio exercises in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Where does this all leave me? That’s right, in a beginner to intermediate level in my fitness practice. But that’s okay. As a fitness enthusiast, I can accept this and blossom once again.

Yesterday, I focused more on hamstrings, glutes and hip abductors since I only had an hour and a half to workout. I enjoyed this routine a lot because it got my heart rate pumping and left me feeling good. I’m a little late posting yesterday’s workout but I feel better posting something than nothing. It is my motivation to share with you and a good way for me to remain accountable with a healthy lifestyle.

So here I am back in the grind building this body back strong. Feel free to try this routine next time you go to the gym. You can always modify the intensity and/or the weight and repetitions to your fitness level. Enjoy 🙂

Excuse my notes for not being so clear… These are actually notes I took with my phone while working out.

15 Minutes on the elliptical

First 5 minutes at level 4; last 10 minutes at level 8

Hamstring Curls:

Warm-up set: 30 lbs./15 reps. 1st and 2nd set: 50lbs/10 reps. Final set: 60lbs. 8 reps max

Prone Back Extensions: (not shown on video)

10 repetitions/ 3 sets

Standing Glute Kickback:

Warm-up set: 50 lbs./15 reps. All 3 sets: 70 lbs. 15 reps

Seated Hip Abduction

Warm-up set: 100 lbs./15 reps. 1st set: 110 lbs./15 reps. 2nd and 3rd set: 120 lbs. 15 reps

15 minutes Stair Master

Level 10 first 5 minutes; Level 15 last 10 minutes. 87 floors climbed

Core – SB Knee Tucks

10 repetitions/3 sets

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