Spin for legs combined with Core and Upper Body Strength

Because I like to use time in a very efficient way, I used today’s spin class as a gateway to strengthen my thighs. I included 15 and 30 second intervals of Hills and Speed to burn more calories for the holidays. I found this bike workout to be pretty challenging… I’m sure my students did too… 

After class, I noticed Esther was teaching an Abs class with the bosu ball and figured I could add some core into my workout. I really enjoy her classes. She tailors them to all fitness levels making the workout fun & challenging. I recommend anyone who is a member of the UM Medical Wellness Center to try out her classes. If you would like to try out our facility for 3 days visit our website Here for more details.
Finally, I focused on strengthening my upper body with alternating DB chest presses, assisted triceps dips, alternating DB shoulder presses and standing tricep extensions. I chose this combination because it challenges the agonist and antagonist group muscles in a dynamic way.

Since my primary reason for working out is not to lose weight but to gain strength, improve bone density and increase energy I find it easy to split my workout into different days. Saturday for instance, I focused on hamstrings & glutes which today I woke up feeling intensely sore. Sunday, I only had time for yoga and today I focused on chest, triceps and shoulders. I always recommend yoga in between workouts since its a great way to stretch the entire body for a long period of time. It leans you out and challenges you in different ways.
My workout today:
My Spin class 45 minutes Interval training.
Esther’s Half Hour Abs Class. Every Monday at 1:00pm
Alternating DB Chest Press 20 lbs. 12 reps/3sets
Assisted tricep dips 55lbs. 12 reps/3 sets
Standing tricep extensions 15 lbs. 12 reps/3sets
Alternating DB shoulder press 10lbs. 12 reps/3sets
 Feel free to try these exercises next time you go to the gym. Make sure to modify your weights and number of repetitions based on your fitness levels. Also, jump into any group exercise class that catches your attention. It won’t matter if you’re late. Teachers like to have more students in their class. Just know that you always risk the chances of not warming up properly and you must enter at your own risk.
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