Please help rescue dogs from Asia’s Meat Trade


Much of the world views dogs as trusted companions or protectors, but did you know in some parts of Asia, they suffer terribly as victims of the trade in dog meat for human consumption. HSI is committed to ending the cruel dog meat trade throughout Asia. Please sign and share our petition to pledge your support! It takes less than 30 seconds. Follow this link to be re-directed

Twenty-three dogs rescued by Humane Society International from a dog meat farm in Seoul arrived in Washington, DC, in early January, 2015. HSI worked with the farmer to remove the dogs from miserable conditions and close the doors of his facility for good. As part of the plan, HSI secured an agreement with him to stop raising dogs for food and move permanently to growing crops as a more humane way to make a living.

HSI, the international affiliate of The Humane Society of the United States, is working to reduce the dog meat trade in Asia, including South Korea, where dogs are farmed for the industry. HSI hopes to work with more South Korean dog meat farmers to help them transition out of this cruel business.

Thank you for your petition and support!

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