On-the go kind of gal

Many of my students have asked me what do I normally have for lunch. That’s a great question considering how my lifestyle has drastically changed in the past few months. Before I became very busy and constantly on the road, I used to have more time to prepare home meals such as vegetable salads, guacamole dishes, cucumber snacks, homemade sandwiches and awesome smoothies. But now, I find myself constantly from place to place and barely home. So, a day where I would not have time to run home to prepare a meal or have any meals prepared, I would typically look for a vegan/vegetarian restaurant which I can trust. For example, this vegan friendly café in Allapattah called “Smart Bites”.  Unlike all the Fast Food Restaurants surrounding the Medical Campus, “Smart Bites” is located on 20th street across of the Miami-Dade Community College. Thank heaven for a this hidden treasure near by. Just be aware: they offer crickets and bugs for lunch as they also offer chicken for meals. They do separate where they prepare their meals so that none of the animal products come in contact with their vegan options.

So here is what I enjoyed from their menu: I started with their Green Soup which tastes really earthy and is served cold. I believe it’s made with cucumber, carrots, sprouts, avocados and is covered with Sea Weed.

Then, I had their Veggie Burger which is hand made with lentils, spinach, cucumbers and green squash. I took my time savoring each bite especially since it is dressed with chipotle sauce and accompanied with a small side order of couscous.


The owner Will is a fun guy who is very into organic gardening and grows his own leafy greens, herbs and vegetables. He was nice enough to tour me around his beautiful community garden and show me all his hard work. I totally recommend this place if you are looking for a healthy snack or lunch.

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