10 Minute Home Workout

Today, I decided to share with you a simple yet powerful workout. Since I can not lunge, squat or be much on my foot, I decided to do a few hip extensions, hip adductions and glute kick-backs. I added core and upper body strength as a bonus since I must have the upper body strength to keep swinging in crutches. I feel good about my recovery and patiently looking forward to walking again soon. Thank you all for your care and support. Now, please join me for a 10-minute workout at home.

Feel free to modify and/or maximize this workout to your fitness level. Exercises are listed below:

18 hip extension/bridges
18 side leg raises
18 v-sits (supported)
18 rocking v-sits (not supported) optional*
18 prone glute kickback
18 push-ups
18 back extensions
Headstand variations: hip stretch, straddle, ankle rotations
18 tricep dips
Neck Stretch with arm behind
lat/tricep stretch
shoulder/pectorals stretch
upper back/ rhomboids stretch/ rear delts
eagle arms
shoulder rolls
forward bend/low back stretch
roll up slowly

Enjoy 🙂

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