Solar eclipse and a connection with God?

As I drove in to work I noticed a group of nurses and doctors gathered outside staring at the Solar eclipse. One of the girls I work with grabbed me and offered me a pair of glasses so I could look up. With my eyes, I was able to see half the moon covering the sun and was stuck on how beautiful that was. To me, it felt as though we were celebrating in unison with the divine force which moves us all. Doctors, nurses, caregivers, nutritionist’s and myself were on site together experiencing the miraculous shift of the planets and the solar system.  Everyone around me kept saying they felt something. So, I asked what it was that they felt and someone (what appeared to be a doctor or a surgeon) said he felt a connection with God. I chuckled softly to make it seem unremarkable,  but the gentleman turned around immediately to clarify he was not joking and elaborated that the last time he had experienced this was when he was at the Grand Canyon. Then I thought, sure this could certainly be a good metaphor of God communicating with us. After my Yoga class with patients, many of them held conversations with each other expressing how excited they were to continue their breathing and meditation efforts on their own. Especially, a young boy of 19 diagnosed with Leukemia. He eagerly showed the patients what he had learned from his first breathing session with me. He expressed to us that the space in his lungs had expanded tremendously since he last saw me and that his breathing strength had improved. At the first sign of his diagnosis, the conditioned had filled his heart with fluids, causing the lungs to press against his heart and preventing him from breathing properly. Following my recommendations to practice the two-part breathing technique combined with Ujjayi  breathing for five minutes every hour, this young man achieved doctors orders to increase his volume of inhalation by using the Spirometer. His excitement and dedication really touched my heart in a special way. I wanted to cry of the happiness but remained poised and gave him a high five. Last week after working with him I thought to my self; God he’s so young and full of life and at night I prayed he would get better. This, along with other prayers really demonstrate to me that God is listening. I can feel God’s presence when people gather together to talk about his Grace.  And that’s the feeling I get each time I arrive to the hospital. That’s the feeling I get when I work with Cancer patients. This Solar eclipse certainly shifted the energy here on earth and helped me realize, once again, I am in the right place.

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