Green Powerhouse Cleanse Juice

I thought of making this juice to cleanse my body from so much eating out lately. Even though most mornings I am able to prepare an organic juice or a healthy fruit salad, sometimes (at least once a week) I like to juice to cleanse my kidneys, liver and colon by consuming ample fiber, fruits and veggies. So, today I chose to first juice the cucumbers with my juicer to use as base for my smoothie.

Then, I added kale, celery, spinach, avocado, spirulina, lemon, ginger and agave to the blender. This combination is pretty powerful. So powerful that within 15 minutes of drinking it I had to use the bathroom. I drank about 32 oz. and felt fully satisfied. I must share with you each time I start the day this way, I have set the mood for the rest of my day and can not think about eating any junk. I find cucumbers to be hydrating and great for the skin and organs. The rest of the greens are great source of protein, lemon great blood purifier, ginger excellent to aid in digestion and inflammation, and agave a simple sweetener to use when needed. Have fun watching this first-time experiment with these fruits and greens.


Ingredients: (Makes about 32 oz.)

2 Cucumberscucumbers

4 oz. Filterered Water

4 Large Kale Leavescucumber juice

2 Handful of Spinach

2 Celery Stalks

1/2 Avocado

1 Lemonblend ingredients

1 thumb Ginger

1/2 tsp. Spirulina

1 tbsp. Agave


Juice 2 cucumbers, a whole lemon and thumb of ginger through your juicer. (Yes, it takes a little more of time but cleaning is not so bad when it’s just cucumber)

Add cucumber water and 4 oz. of filtered water to blender.  Half cup of ice (Optional)

Add the rest of ingredients and blend at med-high speed. If you have the vitamix, start at the lower setting slowly building up speed to 10, and finally hit the power button for 30 seconds to finish a job well-done.

Sit and enjoy a powerful Green Cleansing Juice. You can choose to split the serving into 2 or drink up the whole thing.

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