1-Month Intensive Yoga Teacher Training, NYC

I found my Yoga Teacher Training at Sonic to be an incredible wholesome experience. The very first day, my class peers and I connected deeply with each other and realized we were all experiencing this transformation journey,  where life would take us towards a different direction. Some would move to another country, others would move to a different state, a few had quit their jobs and were in search for happiness and all together, we all had wonderful opportunities ahead of us. All of our teachers were sweet and loving, encouraging and inspiring, and masters in their field. They provided us with all the right tools needed to enhance our yoga practice and become the best teachers we strive to be.  I highly recommend anyone new to yoga who would like to enhance their practice, to take Sonic’s 200 Hour Teacher Training Program.  It is designed to focus specifically on mastering the basic head and hand stands, balance poses, intermediate forward and back bends, encourages a deep practice of fully embodying twist’s and stresses the importance of the Bhagavad Gita and the 8 limbs of Pantanjali, yoga’s text’s and philosophy to living a spiritual path and reaching enlightenment. Anyone with an a highly advance practice in yoga may not find this course to be of a challenge, but can definitely learn a lot more about individuality and self-awareness.  

Lauren, the owner, is very passionate and shares the beauty and essence for spirituality. She explains the freedom and joy one can achieve when the body is in tune with it’s own spirit.  According to some faiths and beliefs in my classmates, there were some folks who were skeptical and had no interest hearing about these so-called “mystical stories”.  I noticed, the ones who were skeptical about meditation and visualization were the ones who had no opinion and nothing to share from their experience.  I on the contrary, had a lot to share and did experience an interesting meditative experience.  During one of my meditative home assignments, I was able to still and control the mind, which led me to (with my eyes closed) move my spirit two feet in front of me (still in a seated position). I could feel the shade of my spirit right in front of my body.  I knew my body was just behind me and I (my spirit) would not go any further. I felt I was this abundant radiance of light held together, first like a candlelight and soon deeper into the breath, I felt like a cosmic ball of energy.  So powerful, yet so still, I then found my self beside the cosmos and close to the stars, as if I were one of them.  During this meditative journey, I realized that I, as well as everyone and every living organism in this earth is comprised of this cosmic force inside us which makes up our DNA and gives us breath identifying us as either  human beings, birds, trees, or any living organism in our universe. Through this experience, I was able to understand why it is important to be kind to others and how the vibration of our thoughts and feelings can affect those around us. I can go much more deeper into my vision but I wouldn’t want to shift off my purpose for this post. However, tuning to my “SELF”  and experiencing the wisdom one receives from meditating, was by far the best lesson I could acquire from Lauren. It’s when we are open to experiencing new unknown journeys, that we are able to reach higher altitudes of consciousness.  I am grateful for having had this opportunity to learn and grow as a student and teacher.  With confidence, I am able to continue teaching and passing on the knowledge and wisdom to anyone with an open mind and heart. Some tell me I am an old spirit who happened to be living this life time in this body and age. I tell them I have always simply been in tune with my own spirit, we are all born with it.  Children are free spirited souls, yet sometime down the road they may find themselves lost and confused based on their lack of support or motivation from either their parents, teachers or peers.  In adulthood, many find themselves dealing with unnecessary issues and dilemmas, some go on chasing after money and fame, and others are wrapped up in anger and jealousy. It’s not difficult to find yourself, if you can begin to eliminate all the harmful toxins that do not serve any purpose in your lives. Yoga teaches us these principles.  It is not a religion as many frame it to be.  It is a way of life! A way to live a happy and meaningful life!  
Here I share with you some memorable moments of my teacher training. As you will notice, we spent a lot of effort making sure we understood how to assist and get into many inversions. I also lost a lot of weight soon after the training which led me to not fit into any of my pants.




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